Newborn Tómas—NYC/NJ Contemporary Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Tómas has arrived!!!  This session was done entirely with natural light in the parents apartment.  I brought a backdrop and some blankets and the parents provided a lot of personal items that I just loved incorporating into the session.  We had a lot of fun and Tómas at just 7 days old was such a trouper, letting us put him IN hats and hurling helmets!  One of my favorites from this session was the set up with the football!  Who knew a newborn could get so cozy with a football?

A few tricks to getting a newborn to stay asleep for these sessions:  A very warm room, soft cozy blankets, warm hands (I have to wear gloves), a heating pad or wheat pad to warm up the area they will be sleeping in and then removed before you put them down, white noise (I use my iPhone with a white noise app), and try to shoot them in the first 7 days.  After 7 days, newborns tend to wake-up, need to nurse more and start to stretch out showing all their “goods”.  If you can’t get images in the first 7 days then swaddling your newborn will keep them asleep better, allowing you to still get beautiful images in different set ups.

I’m so excited to see Tómas in a few weeks for his 3 Month session!

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