Colin 8 Months—NYC Contemporary Portrait Photographer–Tips for preparing for session

I had a great session with Colin and his parents in our beautiful Inwood park in the peak of the Fall colors.  The leaves were stunning and we were able to really take advantage of this by letting Colin have a bit of fun amidst all the leaves!

A few tips on preparing for family sessions:

1.  The Family should all wear coordinating clothes but NOT matching.  Wearing the same color family but not the same color and also wearing the same type of clothes..i.e, if Dad is wearing a dress shirt do not put your children in t-shirts.  Layering looks really great (cardigans, light scarves, blazers, light jackets).  Pick out what you are wearing the week before to make sure that nothing has rips or stains and that every thing still fits your rapidly growing children!

2.  Get haircuts and hair colored, if you do that, a week before or a few days before the session.  Hair cuts need a few days to settle in and hair color needs a few days to oxidize.

3.  Right before the session make sure everyone is well fed and bring along snacks and treats if need be.  Bring snacks that are not messy and that would not possibly stain clothing (cheese sticks, raisins, crackers, nuts…).  🙂

4.  Bring a soft cloth to wipe sleepies from eyes and baby wipes for everything else.

5.  Make sure all nails are cut or manicured and clean.

6.  Shoes may need to be polished or just cleaned up a bit.

7.  Relax-becuase now you are well prepared and can focus on having fun during your session!

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