Maternity Studio Session-NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer-Melody Moore Photography

This session took place on a rainy cold day of winter and we were all so happy to be able to stay in the comfortable, dry studio!

Big Brother wasn’t too interested in standing still for photos but we won him over with a fortune cookie, a stool and some building blocks!

The little man was so excited to stand on the stool that he spent lots of time hugging and kissing Mommies belly.

Capturing Mom and baby bump by themselves is a must!  It is very important to make sure your client is comfortable during these sessions.  Feet are often swollen which makes standing for a long period of time less than ideal.  Make sure to offer snacks and plenty of water to your client as well as a chance to get off their feet often.

I love to capture Dad talking or singing to the baby belly and just love this image of big brother unwrapping the present!

Tips for Toddler Photography/Melody Moore Photography-NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

This session was taken at the amazing New York Botanical Gardens in The Bronx. This was done in the terrible cold of winter but you would never know! NYBG has a fantastic indoor Conervatory that we were able to take advantage of, as there were no big shows or events going on. What a joy to see little Anna experiencing all the beautiful plants and atmospheres (jungle, desert, etc.). I thought I would include a few tips in this post for photographing your very active toddlers that I used during this session.

1. I introduced the camera to Anna and told her that a monkey lived in the lens. 🙂 This works for almost any animal and told her she had to look right in the lens to see it. This will work for at least a few shots.

2. Setting-I love choosing parks and outdoor areas for little ones to EXPLORE and capture them having these experiences.

3. I used a lot of different angles. Above, side, on her level…just run around them and capture as many images as you can. YAY for digital cameras!

4. Noises/Squeaky toys. I have a wonderful squeaky penguin that I can hold in my hand along with holding my camera at the same time. This will only work for a while before they become “immune” to the noise.

5. For family pictures it is best for the parents to get on the toddlers level or for the parents to hold the toddler. A great trick is to have the parent tickle the toddler just a little bit to get those great fun smiles.

6. Instead of saying cheese, ask them what their favorite food is, or silly word. Saying PIZZA or MONKEY is a little more fun and honest than just getting them to say cheese.

Toddler photography can be exhausting but it is beyond rewarding. There is nothing better than capturing true discovery and honesty. Toddlers don’t know any other way to be and it is a beautiful thing.
I have MANY more tricks up my sleeves for toddler photography and will be posting them in the coming weeks.

M&T Baby Bump—–NYC/NJ Maternity-Contemporary/Lifestyle Photographer

Happy New Year!  I  am finally getting some images posted from my amazing Fall sessions!  M&T were great fun to photograph and we had the perfect weather to do a photo session outside in Inwood Hill Park.  We started with a few shots in their apartment using the great light they have from their windows and then headed outside for the best light of the day, just an hour from sunset.  I am excited to say that I will be photographing them for the next year and have the newborn session to post as well!  Tómas is the cutest baby!!  I am so honored to capture his first year, coming soon…

Baby Bump-Twins!| NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

I can’t believe this session came to fruition!  Isabelle called me a few days before, telling me that she was in labor and that they were on their way to the hospital to try to stop it.  She was sent home and put on bed rest but determined to have this photo session because she didn’t get to do it the first time around.  They were remodeling their home so Isabelle, her hubby and their 2 year old came out to the studio in Jersey City for a very calm, relaxing, and VERY air conditioned session.  I was so impressed by Isabelle’s energy, patience and good mood!  Jeez, what a beautiful family!  2 year old C had such a personality…he stole the session..just a little.  🙂