Tips for working with an older Newborn-NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

The optimal time to capture a newborn in their newborn state is the first 7-10 days after they are born.  They can easily be coaxed into positions and are super sleepy.  After 10 days they really start to wake up and spread their wings!  The fetal position only lasts for a few days before they really want to stretch out and explore life outside the womb.  This little beauty was really AWAKE!  If you are shooting an older newborn don’t try to coax them into positions, instead swaddle them.  They will often be interested in the camera lens and look right in it as well!

Bringing the parents personality into the images is always fun.  Daddy is a writer and literature professor, so I asked him to bring some of his favorite books.  We used Mom’s glasses and then I very patiently waited until the little scholar was sleepy enough to lay her down on the books.  I covered her with a blanket and kept my hands gently rocking her until she was fast asleep.  For these shots you may not have much time so it is important to set them up before hand.  I used a baby doll to get the settings right in the camera.

Siblings!  Big brother is VERY active and was not interested in sitting still so I captured a quick shot of him holding baby sister and then we got his favorite toy out and let him play with it around her.  The image in the stroller also worked great!  Big brother was strapped in!  🙂

Have fun!  Who hasn’t had the urge to eat their baby?  Ok, as I type that, it sounds HORRIBLE and just plain wrong, but you know what I am talking about right?  Sometimes cuteness just needs to be gobbled up.

What a gorgeous family!!!

Ideas for 3 Month Session-NYC/NJ Lifestyle & Contemporary Portrait Photographer—Melody Moore Photography

There are some huge differences in terms of development between an infant session and a 3 Month session.  3 Month old babies do not sleep as much as infants and are not as squishy and flexible so there is pretty much no chance of coaxing them into positions.  They DO start to have good neck strength so you can prop them up in a nursing pillow or with towels rolled under their chest and get some great shots of the cutie discovering a new point of view.

Many 3 Month olds are most comfortable on their backs so make sure to get shots from different angels and always make sure your camera strap is around you neck when kneeling over them.

Involve Mom and Dad as much as possible.  They are the best at getting great smiles from their little ones and capturing the moments when they are just interacting with their babies make the most precious images.  Guide these moments toward the best light available.

Always get a shot of the parents with their faces right next to babies.  There is always so much love that shows through in these images!

Newborn Tómas—NYC/NJ Contemporary Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Tómas has arrived!!!  This session was done entirely with natural light in the parents apartment.  I brought a backdrop and some blankets and the parents provided a lot of personal items that I just loved incorporating into the session.  We had a lot of fun and Tómas at just 7 days old was such a trouper, letting us put him IN hats and hurling helmets!  One of my favorites from this session was the set up with the football!  Who knew a newborn could get so cozy with a football?

A few tricks to getting a newborn to stay asleep for these sessions:  A very warm room, soft cozy blankets, warm hands (I have to wear gloves), a heating pad or wheat pad to warm up the area they will be sleeping in and then removed before you put them down, white noise (I use my iPhone with a white noise app), and try to shoot them in the first 7 days.  After 7 days, newborns tend to wake-up, need to nurse more and start to stretch out showing all their “goods”.  If you can’t get images in the first 7 days then swaddling your newborn will keep them asleep better, allowing you to still get beautiful images in different set ups.

I’m so excited to see Tómas in a few weeks for his 3 Month session!