Maternity-First Year – A journey with London/Melody Moore Photography-NYC/NJ Contemporary/Lifestyle Photographer

I am so excited to post this 1 year session of London’s.  It was such an honor to journey with her from the womb through her first year!  

We started at Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea.  I think I’ll start all my sessions with a little sugar from now on!  She was so cute with the cupcake and tried redecorating it.  She was not into getting messy but was a great little cupcake model!

Next, we headed down the street and I was able to capture her having a great time as a 1 year old New Yorker.  Dogs, stoops, bubbles, graffiti and all.

Thank you London!!!

Maternity through first year 3

Tips for working with an older Newborn-NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

The optimal time to capture a newborn in their newborn state is the first 7-10 days after they are born.  They can easily be coaxed into positions and are super sleepy.  After 10 days they really start to wake up and spread their wings!  The fetal position only lasts for a few days before they really want to stretch out and explore life outside the womb.  This little beauty was really AWAKE!  If you are shooting an older newborn don’t try to coax them into positions, instead swaddle them.  They will often be interested in the camera lens and look right in it as well!

Bringing the parents personality into the images is always fun.  Daddy is a writer and literature professor, so I asked him to bring some of his favorite books.  We used Mom’s glasses and then I very patiently waited until the little scholar was sleepy enough to lay her down on the books.  I covered her with a blanket and kept my hands gently rocking her until she was fast asleep.  For these shots you may not have much time so it is important to set them up before hand.  I used a baby doll to get the settings right in the camera.

Siblings!  Big brother is VERY active and was not interested in sitting still so I captured a quick shot of him holding baby sister and then we got his favorite toy out and let him play with it around her.  The image in the stroller also worked great!  Big brother was strapped in!  🙂

Have fun!  Who hasn’t had the urge to eat their baby?  Ok, as I type that, it sounds HORRIBLE and just plain wrong, but you know what I am talking about right?  Sometimes cuteness just needs to be gobbled up.

What a gorgeous family!!!

The Marthas and Family—NYC Contemporary Lifestyle Photographer

This session with The Marthas was one of the most fun sessions I have ever had and I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that we are neighbors and have become great friends over the last few years.  Capturing two active toddlers was also a super fun challenge.  We were able to capture the kids just being kids and also get some great portrait shots as well.

Some people may be confused as to what Lifestyle photography is.  I’m sure every photographer has their own idea what it is and how it works for them. Good ole wikipedia says “Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.”  I like this definition-it works for me.  In this session we used the familiar backdrop of our neighborhood along with our Farmer’s Market (and a tasty snack), our local park in the peak of Fall, a soccer ball a lot of love.

Baby L is 6 Months!|NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

I can’t believe Baby L is already 6 Months old!  I have been photographing her since before she was born and time has flown!  It will constantly amaze me how fast children grow.  We did this session in the Bethesda Terrace section of Central Park.    In the midst of an adventure sports festival, wedding shoots, engagement sessions, and some very interesting street performers, we got these really beautiful images.

Baby F is already 9 Months!  I shot his 9 month session in beautiful Ft. Tryon Park.  Baby F’s smile just made my day!  The best part about taking families to Ft. Tryon is that they can have lunch at New Leaf Restaurant (Bette Midler’s non  profit restaurant-all net proceeds go towards the New York Restoration Project),  and then take a tour of the Cloisters (one of the best hidden jems in NYC).  Win win for everyone!  Where will we do his 12 Month session?