Newborn Tómas—NYC/NJ Contemporary Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Tómas has arrived!!!  This session was done entirely with natural light in the parents apartment.  I brought a backdrop and some blankets and the parents provided a lot of personal items that I just loved incorporating into the session.  We had a lot of fun and Tómas at just 7 days old was such a trouper, letting us put him IN hats and hurling helmets!  One of my favorites from this session was the set up with the football!  Who knew a newborn could get so cozy with a football?

A few tricks to getting a newborn to stay asleep for these sessions:  A very warm room, soft cozy blankets, warm hands (I have to wear gloves), a heating pad or wheat pad to warm up the area they will be sleeping in and then removed before you put them down, white noise (I use my iPhone with a white noise app), and try to shoot them in the first 7 days.  After 7 days, newborns tend to wake-up, need to nurse more and start to stretch out showing all their “goods”.  If you can’t get images in the first 7 days then swaddling your newborn will keep them asleep better, allowing you to still get beautiful images in different set ups.

I’m so excited to see Tómas in a few weeks for his 3 Month session!

Kyra & JC’s Wedding-NYC/LI/NJ Contemporary Wedding Photographer

Kyra and JC got married at The Vineyard Caterers in Long Island this last September.  The weather was gorgeous and VERY sunny.  It was a little challenging to find a covered space to take group shots of family and the wedding party but I discovered a side entrance to the venue that had an awning with just enough shade cover.  After the ceremony the sun was starting to go down and we were able to get great shots of Kyra and JC in front of the waterfall, on the beautiful landscaped paths and in the vineyard.  Kyra is a singer/actress and had a lot of wonderful performances by friends during the ceremony and the reception.  Some performances were by:  Kevin Ray, Astoria Boulevard, and Jamie Rae.  Kyra also worked very hard at getting a vintage feel for their wedding and reception.  She created a pinterest page to help her find inspiration.  Their wedding was full of beautiful little details.  Everything from the flowers to vintage doilies, teapots/cups, books, birdcages, bubbles, rose petals and candles were lovingly placed by friends and family.  It was a great honor to capture their wedding!

Finn is 1!-NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

I can’t believe Finn is already 1!  I started capturing his beautiful smiley face when he was 3 Months old.  We had a great time with Finn and his parents at The Highline Park and Billy’s Bakery.  This was a joint shoot with Andrew Fritz, whom I started BarryMoore Photography with.  We are teaming up to start a branch of BarryMoore that will be dedicated to contemporary lifestyle family/baby/newborn photography.  We are excited start this new adventure together in the Spring!   I think we may end all of our shoots at a bakery.  🙂

Gramercy Park Hotel Room Service – NYC Food & Product Photography

I have fallen in love!  In love with food photography!  I have always loved food and loved photography but putting them together was something I haven’t had a chance to do much of until recently.  My husband is a sous-chef at the Gramercy Park Hotel and asked if I could come in and take a few shots to document their room service could I turn that down?  I was able to use the natural light coming through the windows of Maialino (the amazing Roman restaurant at the GPH Hotel) to take these shots.

M&T Baby Bump—–NYC/NJ Maternity-Contemporary/Lifestyle Photographer

Happy New Year!  I  am finally getting some images posted from my amazing Fall sessions!  M&T were great fun to photograph and we had the perfect weather to do a photo session outside in Inwood Hill Park.  We started with a few shots in their apartment using the great light they have from their windows and then headed outside for the best light of the day, just an hour from sunset.  I am excited to say that I will be photographing them for the next year and have the newborn session to post as well!  Tómas is the cutest baby!!  I am so honored to capture his first year, coming soon…

Baby Bump-Twins!| NYC/NJ Contemporary Portrait Photographer

I can’t believe this session came to fruition!  Isabelle called me a few days before, telling me that she was in labor and that they were on their way to the hospital to try to stop it.  She was sent home and put on bed rest but determined to have this photo session because she didn’t get to do it the first time around.  They were remodeling their home so Isabelle, her hubby and their 2 year old came out to the studio in Jersey City for a very calm, relaxing, and VERY air conditioned session.  I was so impressed by Isabelle’s energy, patience and good mood!  Jeez, what a beautiful family!  2 year old C had such a personality…he stole the session..just a little.  🙂

The Twins are 2! | NYC/NJ Lifestyle and Contemporary Portrait Photographer

I first got to know the twins Mom by shooting actor head shots for her.  She was a gorgeous red head and was just one of the nicest and most photogenic people I had ever shot.  A few years later she asked me to shoot her wedding!  I was just delving into wedding photography and had another wedding scheduled for the day before hers, so I happily accepted the challenge.  My first two weddings back to back!   They were such a beautiful couple and their families were just amazing as well.  Mom became pregnant with twins soon after and I was so honored to have my first maternity session with her and have since had the pleasure and joy of capturing the first two years of the twins’s life.  This is their most recent session.  2 years old already!  We started out in Madison Square Park and then literally had to run back home because of a huge storm blowing in.  Grandparents and some Aunts and Uncles were there and we shot the twins and family doing what they do best…being an amazingly loving family.  I am so lucky!!